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syngo.via VB60A_HF03 intends to solve the following issues:

• Multi Server Cluster: Query from each other server was not possible.

• The location of a Stenosis measurement was incorrectly reflected in syngo.via Report's pictogram plugin in case it was changed after setting it's initial value.

• Sporadically scrolling, windowing, rotating, zooming was not working in floating windows.

• Sporadically MM reading layout collection was removed after update to VB60A_HF02.

• Sporadically an unexpected error was shown to the user after opening a study in MM Oncology.

• Sporadically query/retrieve from PACS was not working with new high performance server if multiple clients were connected at the same time.

• Some user were facing mouse lag when adjusting control points and manipulate a VRT/MPR.

• CT Vascular with MM Reading step: when trying to adjust the 'adjust spatial alignment' between current and prior with synchronized segmentes, user clicks on Align Timepoints icon. When trying to end the correction mode the same button is dimmed.

• Sporadically saved print sheets shows a black area on top and bottom of the images.

• The hide graphics application was dimmed sporadically.

• Image call-up was not working in case of using a PACS which does not send a specific DICOM tag (0020, 1208) in the C_FIND response message.

• Sporadically the STS (short term storage) auto deleting was failing.

• Sporadically the FastAlign algorithm was not able to detect the correct alignment for specific datasets and therefore ranges images were tilted as well as rapid results were created tilted.

• It was not possible to send SC images based on mammography tomo synthetic CT datasets to an Infinitt PACS.

• For studies with huge datasets, virtopsie (virtual autopsies) could not be performed as findings were not saved.

• Datasets having the corresponding content qualification DICOM tag set show 'Not for diagnostic use' banner. Snapshots created of those datasets did neither have the corresponding content qualification DICOM tag, nor show the required 'Not for diagnostic use' banner.

• Various security vulnerability fixes.

Recall start date: July 3, 2022

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Health product recall
Health products - Medical devices - Radiology

Siemens Healthcare Gmbh

Henkestr. 127, Erlangen, Germany, 91052

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Health Canada
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Type II
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