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Issue: On certain trucks, the ground connection in the telematics wiring harness behind the dash may not have been connected properly. As a result, the harness could overheat and melt. If this happens, the brake lights could stop working. This problem could also cause gauges not to display properly, the ABS and check engine lights to turn on, and you may not be able to shift the vehicle into gear. Safety Risk: Wiring that overheats and melts can create the risk of fire. Brake lights that do not work could cause a person not to recognize when the vehicle is braking. This could increase the risk of a crash. Corrective Actions: Hino will notify owners by mail and advise you to take your truck to a dealership to inspect and repair the ground circuit. The dealer will also replace any damaged wiring harnesses, as necessary.

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Visit Transport Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Recalls Database for the original recall.
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