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2012 | BMW | 5 SERIES, 2014 | BMW | 3 SERIES, 2014 | BMW | I3, 2014 | BMW | I8, 2014 | MINI | COUPE, 2015 | BMW | 2 SERIES, 2015 | BMW | 3 SERIES, 2015 | BMW | 4 SERIES, 2015 | BMW | 5 SERIES, 2015 | BMW | 6 SERIES, 2015 | BMW | 7 SERIES, 2015 | BMW | I3, 2015 | BMW | I8, 2015 | BMW | X1, 2015 | BMW | Z4, 2015 | MINI | 3 DOOR, 2015 | MINI | 5 DOOR, 2015 | MINI | CONVERTIBLE, 2015 | MINI | COUNTRYMAN, 2015 | MINI | PACEMAN, 2015 | MINI | ROADSTER


Certain vehicles, which were parked at the port of entry in Halifax during the ice storms in February 2015, may have been exposed to excessive standing water and salt for an extended period due to this isolated environmental incident. Certain MINI models could have corrosion at the starter motor power supply cable connectors, which could lead to the inability to restart the engine following an engine shutdown by the start-stop (MSA) system, increasing the risk of crash causing injury in a traffic situation. On certain BMW models, the lubrication of some internal components within the steering rack may have been exposed to excessive water or salt which could result in higher than normal steering effort or steering binding, increasing the risk of a crash causing injury and/or damage to property. In addition, electrical wires and/or connectors in all affected vehicles may have been exposed to water or salt, which could lead to increased electrical system resistance, and increase the risk of fire causing injury and/or damage to property.

Correction: Owners should contact their selling Retailer regarding this recall. Affected vehicles will be inspected. Some vehicles will be taken out of service immediately and owners will be provided with temporary transportation until a new replacement vehicle is available. All other vehicles are cleared of this safety concern and may continue to be driven until a new replacement vehicle is available. Due to potential concerns about long term vehicle quality, all affected vehicles will ultimately be removed from service.

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Visit Transport Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Recalls Database for the original recall.

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