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Child Car Seat recalled by DIONO
Vehicle - Seats And Restraints
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Affected products

2011 | DIONO | R100, 2012 | DIONO | R100


On certain child car seats, the French-language label indicates the incorrect weight range in kilograms. While the English label states that the seat is intended to be used forward facing for children weighing between 10 and 45 kg (22 and 100 lbs), the range on the French label states between 10 and 54 kg.
If consumers were to refer to the french-language label only, they might inadvertently use the restraint system for a child with a weight greater than 45 kg (100lbs), increasing the risk of injury and/or damage to property in the event of a crash. Correction: All registered owners with affected car seats will be sent a letter indicating how to obtain a free label replacement kit. Non-registered owners, or owners who have moved, are asked to contact Diono at 1-866-954-9786 to receive, free of charge, a repair kit consisting of new warning labels that can be applied on top of the existing labels. The affected car seats should not be returned to the retailer.

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Visit Transport Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Recalls Database for the original recall.

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