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Several store-brand pain or sinus relief tablets recalled because consumers may be unable to access important safety information

Starting date:
November 7, 2018
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Source of recall:
Health Canada
Labelling and Packaging
General Public
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Vita Health Products is voluntarily recalling several store-brand (Care+, Exact, Life, and Pharmasave) over-the-counter drugs used for pain or sinus relief because of a labelling issue. Consumers may be unable to peel open the wrap-around label on the bottle to access the warning statements, or the label may not peel off completely, which may make it difficult to read some of the important safety information.

This issue is the result of a label manufacturing defect affecting some bottles and does not affect the safety or effectiveness of the product in the bottles. The labelling defect means that some consumers may not be able to access important safety information, such as warnings and instructions for product storage.

Vita Health Products has advised Health Canada that only the products listed below are affected by this issue. The products were distributed at major drug and grocery retail chains across Canada.

What you should do

  • Check if your product has a label that does not peel back. If it does not peel back, return the product to the place of purchase, or call the Vita Health Customer Contact Centre at 1 877 637 7557, Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm ET for further instruction.
  • Consult your health care professional if you have used these products and have health concerns.
  • Report any health product adverse events or complaints to Health Canada.

Who is affected

  • Consumers who have bought the affected products listed in the table below.
Affected Products
Description DIN Lot Expiry Units Distributed
Care+ brand

Extra Strength Muscle & Back Pain Relief
40 count package 02239141 7L3044GZZ JL/2020 2,973
02239141 8E2054L0W NO/2020 1,563
02239141 8I1954ML4 MR/2021 1,489
Exact brand

Extra Strength Head Cold and Sinus
24 count package 02248646 8B2924GZW JA/2021 576
Life brand

Muscle & Back Pain Relief-8
50 count package 02242180 7J1944M54 SE/2020 3,864
Life brand

Extra Strength Muscle & Back Pain Relief
40 count package 02239141 8E2054HLA NO/2020 7,146
Pharmasave brand

Extra Strength Acetaminophen Tablets 500 mg
200 count package 00605778 8E3264KQS AL/2021 1,022


Media enquiries

Health Canada

(613) 957-2983

Public enquiries

(613) 957-2991

1-866 225-0709

What Health Canada is doing

Health Canada is monitoring the company’s recall. Should additional safety concerns be identified related to this issue, Health Canada will take appropriate action and inform Canadians as necessary.


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