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Sensis Vibe
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Sensis Vibe

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Issue 1: "password store corrupted" error message during system bootup in rare cases (e.g., if an unplanned and unguided shutdown is triggered via the power button) it is possible that during a later syngo start-up an error message occurs instead of the normal functional sensis vibe user interface that says: "password store corrupted".

Issue 2: Subsystem crash during examination the Sensis software may crash due to ongoing synchronization in the background. The issue can be observed whenever the local cache of a Sensis Vibe client is being synchronized due to one of the following reasons (*) by SHS service personnel only:

1. Initial setup of a newly delivered sensis vibe client;

2. Software upgrade when the local cache is setup for the first time in the new software version;

3. Service call to customer service, when an issue (e.g. in local cache synchronization) gets resolved by resetting the local cache; or

4. Connecting a sensis vibe client to different servers, in particular switching between the customer's productive and test environment with different databases which requires a reset of the local cache each time.

Issue 3: Dialog Monitor Computer (DMC) application crash while loading a study the DMC application may crash when not responding to message box "CO2 module requires calibration. please contact your service representative." The message box is blocking the start or continue exam workflow if the user doesn't respond to this within one minute after the message box had appeared, this will cause an application crash.

Issue 4: Software crash due to system internal timeout the central software component that manages the study handling and the overall component traffic requires to receive a response from the software component that creates the study when starting it from the scheduler. When the user starts a study from the scheduler, in rare cases the component that creates the study is not able to process the study start within 3 minutes which will lead to a timeout in the central component.


Recall start date: November 11, 2022

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Health product recall
Health products - Medical devices - Radiology

Siemens Healthcare GmbH

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