Consumer product recall

PetSmart Canada recalls All Living Things Reptile Strip Light Fixture

Starting date:
August 30, 2018
Posting date:
August 30, 2018
Type of communication:
Consumer Product Recall
Source of recall:
Health Canada
Fire Hazard, Burn Hazard
General Public
Identification number:

Joint recall with Health Canada, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC) and PetSmart Canada

Affected products

PetSmart All Living Things Reptile Strip Light Fixture

Product description

This recall involves the PetSmart All Living Things Reptile Strip Light Fixture. The light fixture acts as an accessory for terrariums and aids in the process of simulating natural daylight.

The recalled product may be identified by the following model, SKU and UPC numbers:
Product Model Number SKU UPC
ALT 20" Reptile Hood MZ-DX20 5264579 73725773305
ALT 30" Reptile Hood MZ-DX30 5264580 73725773306


Hazard identified

The product may ignite if the fluorescent lighting tube is not installed correctly, posing fire and burn hazards.

As of August 3, 2018, the company has received no reports of consumer incidents related to the use of this product in Canada, and no reports of injuries.

In the United States, the company has received 6 reports of incidents involving products igniting, with 3 reports of property damage and no reports of injuries.

Number sold

Approximately 437 units of the affected products were sold in Canada and approximately 9,379 units were sold in the United States.

Time period sold

The affected products were sold from April 2017 to July 2018 in PetSmart retail stores and online.

Place of origin

Manufactured in China.


Pacific Coast Distributing, Inc.
Tianjin McLanzoo Pet Articles

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What you should do

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled products and return them  to any PetSmart retail store for a full refund.

For more information, consumers may contact PetSmart toll-free at 1-888-839-9638, Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MST. Consumers may also visit the company's website.

Consumers may view the release by the US CPSC on the Commission's website.

Please note that the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act prohibits recalled products from being redistributed, sold or even given away in Canada.

Health Canada would like to remind Canadians to report any health or safety incidents related to the use of this product or any other consumer product or cosmetic by filling out the Consumer Product Incident Report Form.

This recall is also posted on the OECD Global Portal on Product Recalls website. You can visit this site for more information on other international consumer product recalls.