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Information update

Health Canada warns Canadians not to use unauthorized 'LifeGive' health products with misleading health claims

Starting date:
May 11, 2016
Type of communication:
Information Update
Source of recall:
Health Canada
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OTTAWA – Health Canada is warning Canadians not to purchase or use ‘LifeGive’ health products to treat diseases such as cancer and dementia. These products are not authorized for sale in Canada.  Health Canada believes ‘LifeGive’ health products have been or will be promoted by Hippocrates Health Institute at several events held at locations in Ontario this month.

Health Canada took action when it became aware of this issue to prevent any further advertising and sale of the products, including conducting an on-site visit at the location of one of the events being held in Ontario to confirm that ‘LifeGive’ health products were not being offered for sale.

‘LifeGive’ health products have not been reviewed by Health Canada for safety, quality or effectiveness. Health Canada is working with the Canada Border Services Agency to stop the importation of any shipments of ‘LifeGive’ health products from entering Canada. Should this company continue to sell unauthorized health products, Health Canada will take appropriate action.

Health Canada reminds Canadians to read the labels of the products they buy to verify that the products have been assessed by Health Canada for safety, effectiveness and quality. Health products that have been authorized for sale by Health Canada will have an eight-digit Drug Identification Number (DIN), a Natural Product Number (NPN) or a Homeopathic Medicine Number (DIN-HM) on the label. Canadians should contact their health care professional if they have concerns about their health.

Canadians can verify if products have been authorized for sale by searching the Drug Product Database and the Licensed Natural Health Product Database on Health Canada's website. Canadians are encouraged to report any adverse events and to submit any complaints about health products to Health Canada by calling toll-free 1-800-267-9675, or complete an online complaint form.

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