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Goodman Recalls Evaporator Coil Drain Pans due to Fire Hazard

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Evaporator Coil Drain Pans
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What to do

Consumers should immediately verify if their product is within the recall range by using the model verification tool available at Goodman’s website, and if so, contact Goodman for a free repair by a qualified technician.

Affected products

This recall involves evaporator coil drain pans paired with residential condensing gas furnaces that are installed in a vertical, or “up-flow,” configuration. Furnaces in this configuration that were installed or repaired with a new evaporator coil drain pan between January 2019 and November 2021 are affected by this recall. Only evaporator coils with serial numbers with prefixes ranging from 1901 through 2101 are covered by this recall.

The evaporator coil, which sits atop the vertically installed furnace, will either be cased or uncased. The evaporator coil’s serial number is displayed on a label attached to both cased and uncased models. For cased evaporator coils, the serial number is on the label attached to the coil case. For uncased units, the serial number is on a label attached to the front of the coil.

If you have an affected evaporator coil drain pan, it will be necessary to determine the brand and model number of your furnace. In most instances, the furnace brand and model number can be found on your furnace on the “Energy Guide” label.  For all other instances, please refer to the instructions on Goodman’s model verification tool at:

The model number of the outdoor condenser in your system may also be required in order to provide the correct repair kit. The model number can be found on a label attached to the outdoor condenser.


Under abnormal conditions, drain pans assembled with certain evaporator coils may overheat, melt, and deform, posing a fire hazard.

As of November 17, 2021, the company has received no reports of incidents or injuries in Canada. In the United States, the company has received 23 reports of fire incidents and no reports of injuries.

What you should do

Consumers should immediately use the model verification tool available at to determine if their system is within the recall range and, if so, contact Goodman for a free repair by a qualified technician.

For more information, consumers may contact Goodman by telephone toll-free at 888-520-0579 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CT Monday through Friday.  Consumers may view the release by the US CPSC on the Commission’s website.

Please note that the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act prohibits recalled products from being redistributed, sold or even given away in Canada.

Health Canada would like to remind Canadians to report any health or safety incidents related to the use of this product or any other consumer product or cosmetic by filling out the Consumer Product Incident Report Form.

Joint recall with Health Canada, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC) and Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P.

This recall is also posted on the OECD Global Portal on Product Recalls website. You can visit this site for more information on other international consumer product recalls.

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Number Sold

The company reported that approximately 44,000 units of the affected product were installed in Canada and approximately 298,300 were installed in the United States.

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The affected products were sold from January 2019 through November 2021.

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Manufactured in USA

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Consumer product recall
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Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P.

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