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Vanta Clinician Programmer Application

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Vanta Clinician Programmer Application
Medical devices - Performance issue
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Vanta Clinician Programmer Application

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Notification to inform customers that in rare instances (0.085%) during initial programming, the Vanta CP app will display the error code 1502 message because the Vanta INS reset block id log is full. Once the log is full, all subsequent interrogations with the affected device will not be possible.

If the error code 1502 message occurs, it will display during the next interrogation after the Vanta INS usage is started. Should this present at initial programming:

• Surgery may be delayed to obtain an alternative INS, or surgery may be cancelled if an alternative INS is unavailable and the affected INS is not implanted.

• It will not be possible to program the device so therapy cannot be initiated for newly implanted patients and patients receiving a replacement device may experience a return of underlying pain symptoms.

• If the recommended cannot be performed, an unanticipated surgical intervention may be needed to explant and replace the INS.

The issue is related to the Vanta CP app. The Vanta INS is performing as intended. If the INS has been previously programmed, it will continue to provide therapy to the patient within programmed parameters.

Recall start date: August 2, 2022

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Health product recall
Health products - Medical devices - General hospital and personal use

Medtronic Inc.

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Health Canada
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Type II
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