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SUV recalled by JAGUAR
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2019 | JAGUAR | I-PACE, 2020 | JAGUAR | I-PACE, 2021 | JAGUAR | I-PACE, 2022 | JAGUAR | I-PACE, 2023 | JAGUAR | I-PACE, 2024 | JAGUAR | I-PACE


Issue: On certain vehicles, there could be a problem inside the high-voltage battery. As a result, the battery could create smoke or heat, which can melt or damage the battery and nearby parts. Safety Risk: A battery that overheats can create a fire risk. Corrective Actions: Jaguar will notify owners by mail and provide a software update for the battery energy control module. Jaguar recommends parking your vehicle outside and away from other vehicles or buildings until the recall repairs are completed. For 2021 and newer vehicles, Jaguar send a wireless over-the-air software update to each vehicle. For 2019 and 2020 models, Jaguar will instruct you to schedule an appointment to have the update performed by a dealer. This software will monitor the high-voltage battery and warn you if it detects a problem. If this happens, the software will reduce the charging capacity to 75% and direct you to bring your vehicle to a dealership to inspect and, if necessary, replace the battery module and/or pack.

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Visit Transport Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Recalls Database for the original recall.
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