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2016 | AUDI | A3, 2016 | AUDI | A3 E-TRON, 2016 | AUDI | S3, 2017 | AUDI | A3, 2017 | AUDI | A3 E-TRON, 2017 | AUDI | S3, 2018 | AUDI | A3, 2018 | AUDI | A3 E-TRON, 2018 | AUDI | RS 3, 2018 | AUDI | S3, 2019 | AUDI | A3, 2019 | AUDI | RS 3, 2019 | AUDI | S3, 2020 | AUDI | A3, 2020 | AUDI | RS 3, 2020 | AUDI | S3


On certain vehicles, the passenger occupant detection system (PODS) may not work properly. This could cause the airbag system to turn off the passenger-front airbag even when a person is seated in the front passenger seat.
Note: This problem would cause an error message to display on the instrument panel and a warning chime to sound. The airbag indicator light would also display "passenger airbag off".

Safety Risk:
An airbag that is turned off when it should be turned on could increase the risk of injury to a passenger in a crash.

Corrective Actions:
Audi will notify owners by mail. The corrective actions for this recall are under development. To reduce the safety risk, Audi recommends that if the PODS in your vehicle is not working properly, you should contact an Audi dealer for assistance right away and not transport a person in the front-passenger seat until the PODS has been repaired.

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Visit Transport Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Recalls Database for the original recall.

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