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Transport Canada Recall - 2021100 - CONTINENTAL TIRE

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Tire recalled by CONTINENTAL TIRE
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Affected products

2018 | GENERAL | GRABBER APT 265/75 R 16 116T, 2018 | GENERAL | GRABBER HTS60 275/65 R 18 116T, 2019 | CONTINENTAL | CONTIPROCONTACT 235/40 R 19 92H, 2019 | CONTINENTAL | CROSSCONTACT LX SPORT 245/50 R 20 102H, 2019 | CONTINENTAL | TERRAINCONTACT A/T 275/55 R 20 113T, 2019 | GENERAL | ALTIMAX RT43 225/60 R 17 99H, 2019 | GENERAL | GRABBER ARCTIC 275/60 R 20 116T, 2020 | CONTINENTAL | CONTISPORTCONTACT 5 255/45 R 20 101W, 2020 | GENERAL | GRABBER A/TX LT285/70 R 17 118S, 2020 | GENERAL | GRABBER A/TX LT285/70 R 17 121S, 2020 | GENERAL | GRABBER ARCTIC 265/65 R 17 116 T


Certain tires may have been cured for too long. As a result, the sidewall could crack or the tread and belts could separate. This could cause a tire failure and lead to sudden loss of air pressure.
Note: This recall is an expansion of recall 2020-532.This recall only affects certain tires manufactured between 2018 and 2020 with specific mold numbers.

Safety Risk:
A tire failure could cause a loss of control and increase the risk of a crash.

Corrective Actions:
Continental Tire will notify registered owners by mail to advise you of this problem. You should contact a Continental Tire dealer if you have tires manufactured within these date ranges or if you need help inspecting them. All tires affected by this recall will be replaced.

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Visit Transport Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Recalls Database for the original recall.

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