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2003 | CADILLAC | CTS, 2004 | CADILLAC | CTS, 2004 | CADILLAC | SRX, 2005 | CADILLAC | CTS, 2005 | CADILLAC | SRX, 2006 | CADILLAC | CTS, 2006 | CADILLAC | SRX, 2007 | CADILLAC | CTS, 2008 | CADILLAC | CTS, 2009 | CADILLAC | CTS, 2010 | CADILLAC | CTS, 2011 | CADILLAC | CTS, 2012 | CADILLAC | CTS, 2013 | CADILLAC | CTS, 2014 | CADILLAC | CTS


On certain vehicles, there is a risk that some drivers may bump the ignition key with their knee and unintentionally move the key from out of the "run" position. If this were to occur, engine power, power braking and power steering would be affected, which would unexpectedly increase steering and brake pedal effort, potentially increasing stopping distances and the risk of a crash causing injury and/or damage to property. The timing of the key movement out of the "run" position, relative to the activation of the sensing algorithm of the crash event, may also result in the airbags not deploying in a subsequent collision, increasing the risk of injury. Correction: Dealers are to remove the key blade from the original flip key/transmitter assemblies provided with the vehicle, and provide two new keys and two key rings for every original key. Important note: Until the correction is performed, drivers should adjust their seat and steering column to allow clearance between their knee and the ignition key.

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Visit Transport Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Recalls Database for the original recall.

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