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Transport Canada Recall - 2012137 - DIONO

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Child Car Seat recalled by DIONO
Vehicle - Seats And Restraints
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2010 | DIONO | MONTEREY CA15000, 2011 | DIONO | MONTEREY CA15000, 2012 | DIONO | MONTEREY CA15000


Certain Monterey booster child seats may have an error on the National Safety Mark label affixed to the side of the seat. The National Safety Mark (NSM) is the round label with the maple leaf and the designated manufacturer/importer identifier number in the centre. This label also indicates the specific Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard(s) (CMVSS) with which the booster complies. The NSM that has been affixed to the Monterey booster seat indicates that the seat complies only with the child and infant seat standard (CMVSS 213, 213.1), whereas the NSM should state compliance with the booster seat standard (CMVSS 213.2). The corrected NSM will reflect the full certification status of the product as intended by the manufacturer and as indicated in the instruction manual and other labelling affixed to the booster seat. Correction: Consumers are advised to contact Diono at 1-866-954-9786 to receive a repair kit consisting of a new NSM label and instructions regarding the location to affix the label.

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Visit Transport Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Recalls Database for the original recall.

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