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Transport Canada Recall - 2011395 - LOTUS

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2011 | LOTUS | ELISE


Certain vehicles may have been inadvertently equipped with incorrect turn signal modules during vehicle assembly. This could cause the LED turn signal lamps to flash at an erratic frequency when the hazard warning switch is depressed. In addition, in the event that either a front or rear turn signal lamp fails to illuminate or does not flash at the correct frequency when operated, the remaining functioning signal lamps on that vehicle's side, as well as the instrument turn telltale, will not flash at an increased rate as intended. As a result, the driver will not be visually alerted to the fact that a turn signal lamp is not operating correctly. As such, the driver's intentions to turn may not be conveyed clearly to other road users, increasing the risk of a crash causing property damage and/or personal injury. Correction: Dealers will replace the turn signal modules.

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Visit Transport Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Recalls Database for the original recall.

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