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Transport Canada Recall - 2010060 - NISSAN

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Light Truck & Van recalled by NISSAN
Vehicle - Fuel Supply
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2005 | INFINITI | QX56, 2005 | NISSAN | ARMADA, 2005 | NISSAN | TITAN, 2006 | INFINITI | QX56, 2006 | NISSAN | ARMADA, 2006 | NISSAN | TITAN, 2007 | INFINITI | QX56, 2007 | NISSAN | ARMADA, 2007 | NISSAN | TITAN, 2008 | INFINITI | QX56, 2008 | NISSAN | ARMADA, 2008 | NISSAN | TITAN, 2009 | INFINITI | QX56, 2009 | NISSAN | ARMADA, 2009 | NISSAN | TITAN


On certain vehicles, the material used on fuel level sending unit contacts can wear and contaminate the sender. This causes the instrument panel fuel gauge to display that the vehicle still has some fuel left in the tank when the fuel tank is empty. An inaccurate fuel gauge can lead to engine stalling while driving, which may increase the risk of a crash causing property damage, personal injury or death. Correction: Letters will be sent to owners in two stages. The first letter will advise owners of fuel gauge inaccuracy and recommend maintaining a fuel level above the one half position. The second letter will follow, requesting owners bring their vehicles to a dealer for replacement of the fuel sender unit.

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Visit Transport Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Recalls Database for the original recall.

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