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Medline Custom Procedure Packs - Sterile Blades

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Medline Custom Procedure Packs - Sterile Blades
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Affected products

Affected products Lot or serial number Model or catalogue number
Vascular Pack-Lf 22HBP970 DYNJ48196X
Ens. Bassin Grands Brules-Lf 22IBP605 DYNJ32829B
Extraction Pack 22HBR730 DYNJ49329F
Nygh-Hip Nailing-Lf 22JBB497 DYNJ905535X
Nygh-Total Hip-Lf 22KBF641 22IBH209 DYNJ905552X
Ensemble Valve-Lf 22IBK251 22HBF572 22IBL147 DYNJ58123B
Basic Pack 22IBT733 22JBC989 DYNJ81333
Ent Pack 22IBP115 22HBG307 22HBT948 DYNJ43538X DYNJ69558A
Sci Acl Pack 22HBL271 DYNJ41479X
Prosthese Hanche Et Genou 22HBG396 22HBF402 DYNJ53403A
Nygh-Bilateral Knee-Lf 22IBR090 DYNJ905538X
Abdominal Majeur 22HBJ421 22HBW446 DYNJ53405X
Nygh-Total Knee-Lf 22JBV670 22IBB186 DYNJ905554X
Nygh – Urology Major 22IBE732 DYNJ908679
Laparoscopy-Lf 22JBE704 DYNJ59096X
Nygh-Limb-Lf 22IBF828 22IBE681 22IBD889 22JBR725 DYNJ905541X
Shoulder Pack 22JBC359 DYNJ39095X
Breast Pack 22HBM836 DYNJ80116
Hip Pack 22IBN181 DYNJ46341X
Ortho Major-Lf 22HBP973 DYNJ52558X
Nygh-Hip Pinning-Lf 22IBA200 DYNJ905536X
Sci-Limb Pack-Lf 22HBG415 DYNJ27338X
Pontage-Lf 22HBH900 DYNJ58124C
Evar Pack 22JBS602 DYNJ50394X
Ortho-Hip-Lf 22HBQ220 22HBQ219 22IBL816 DYNJ41827X
Nygh-Minor-Lf 22HBU983 22IBE687 DYNJ905550X
Ensemble Arthroscopy Shoulder 22IBP207 22IBO404 DYNJ62593
Acl Pack 22JBG561 DYNJ63665


Medline Industries, lp is issuing a safety alert for custom procedure packs containing sterile blades due to the potential of the blade puncturing the outer foil layer of the sterile packaging.

Recall start date: November 21, 2022

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Health product recall
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Medline Industries, Lp

Three Lakes Drive, Northfield, Illinois, United States, 60093

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Health Canada
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Type II
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