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Consumer product recall

Lea Industries youth beds

Starting date:
May 21, 2013
Posting date:
May 21, 2013
Type of communication:
Consumer Product Recall
Children's Products, Household Items
Source of recall:
Health Canada
Product Safety
General Public
Identification number:

Joint recall with Lea Industries, Health Canada and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC).

Affected products

Lea Industries youth beds

Product description

This recall involves the side rails on 34 collections (91 SKUs/item numbers) of youth beds sold by Lea Industries since 2008. They were manufactured in Vietnam and China and are marked accordingly. One of the side rails has a label on the inside with a seven-character purchase order number and a six-digit item number. With the exception of platform beds manufactured since 2010, side rails with purchase order numbers between IM92784 and IM94038 inclusive, that also have the item numbers with six digits from the table below, are included in this recall.

Item numbers to be recalled
Item number Bed collection name
012-023 Haley
012-024 Haley
060-099 Sponge Bob Surf Club
060-975 Sponge Bob Surf Club
070-099 Lea Elite Zoe
085-076 Home Town
134-099 Lea Elite Boutique
139-076 Lea Elite Logan Country
139-099 Lea Elite Logan Country
145-076 Lea Elite Covington
145-099 Lea Elite Covington
147-076 Lea Elite Hannah
147-099 Lea Elite Hannah
148-076 Lea Elite Retreat
148-097 Lea Elite Retreat
148-099 Lea Elite Retreat
149-076 Lea Elite Retreat
149-097 Lea Elite Retreat
149-099 Lea Elite Retreat
207-963C Bunks and Lofts
207-963W Bunks and Lofts
207-965C Bunks and Lofts
207-965W Bunks and Lofts
228-091 Jessica McClintock - Cherry
228-094 Jessica McClintock - Cherry
228-097 Jessica McClintock - Cherry
237-076 Americana
237-097 Americana
237-099 Americana
302-076 Jackson Creek
302-09C Jackson Creek
342-064N My Place - Maple
342-076N My Place - Maple
505-09L Elation
590-076 My Style
590-076B My Style
590-076C My Style
590-076M My Style
590-076W My Style
590-088B My Style
590-088C My Style
590-088M My Style
590-088W My Style
606-091 Emma's Treasures
618-076 Austin
618-975 Austin
625-076 Deer Run
711-076 Freetime
711-091 Freetime
711-097 Freetime
816-076 Lea Elite Classics
816-091 Lea Elite Classics
816-094 Lea Elite Classics
816-097 Lea Elite Classics
816-975 Lea Elite Classics
826-076 Lea Elite Crossover
826-091 Lea Elite Crossover
826-094 Lea Elite Crossover
826-097 Lea Elite Crossover
826-975 Lea Elite Crossover
846-091 Lea Elite Rhapsody
846-094 Lea Elite Rhapsody
846-097 Lea Elite Rhapsody
856-076 Lea Elite Expresssions
856-091 Lea Elite Expresssions
856-094 Lea Elite Expresssions
856-097 Lea Elite Expresssions
856-923 Lea Elite Expresssions
856-954 Lea Elite Expresssions
876-076 Lea Elite Reflections
876-091 Lea Elite Reflections
876-094 Lea Elite Reflections
876-097 Lea Elite Reflections
876-923 Lea Elite Reflections
876-924 Lea Elite Reflections
906-076 Dillon
906-975 Dillon
917-024 Midtown
950-099 Nick and Funtime
950-939 Nick and Funtime
960-097 Tweennick
960-099 Tweennick
960-923 Tweennick
960-924 Tweennick
970-091 Teennick
970-094 Teennick


Hazard identified

The side rail can break, especially when a sharp downward force is applied to the top of the bed. If the side rail breaks, the mattress and slat pack become unstable and could fall.

Health Canada and Lea Industries have been made aware of one incident in Canada in which the side rail fell but there was no injury.

The US CPSC is aware of twenty-two incidents with two injuries.

Number sold

Approximately 4237 affected beds were sold in Canada at various retailers.

Approximately 59,188 affected beds were sold in the United States at various retailers.

Time period sold

The affected product was sold in Canada from August 2008 until March 2013.

The affected product was sold in the United States from August 2008 until March 2013.

Place of origin

Manufactured in Vietnam or China.



Kaiser Furniture (Vietnam) Joint Stock Co.

Ben Cat District



Maeve Furn Co. Ltd.

Thaun An District



Shingmark Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Trang Bom District



Carven Industries Ltd. (HK)

Tung-Kuan City



Lea Industries

High Point

North Carolina


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What you should do

Consumers should stop using the beds. Consumers should lift up the mattress and write down the purchase order and item numbers listed on the label on the inside of one of the rails. They should input these numbers on the company’s website (under the Recall Tab at the bottom of the page) to verify if they have affected side rails. If they do, they will be prompted to register for the recall. Lea Industries will ship them free replacement side rails along with instructions on how to install them.

Consumers may view the release by the US CPSC on the Commission's website.