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Insignia™ Digital Air Fryers, Insignia™ Analog Air Fryers and Insignia™ Digital Air Fryer Ovens recalled due to potential fire hazard

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Insignia™ Digital Air Fryers, Insignia™ Analog Air Fryers and Insignia™ Digital Air Fryer Ovens
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What to do

Immediately stop using the recalled products and register for the recall online.

Affected products

This recall involves the Insignia™ Digital Air Fryers, Insignia™ Analog Air Fryers and Insignia™ Digital Air Fryer Ovens. The recalled products have cooking chamber capacities ranging from 3.4 to 10 quarts, and plastic or plastic and stainless-steel bodies. The brand name INSIGNIA is on the top or front of each unit. A rating label on the underside of each unit, identifies the brand INSIGNIA, model number, and other information.

The following products are affected:


Model Number


Insignia™ - 5QT Analog Air Fryer - Stainless Steel



Insignia™ - 5L/5.28Qt Digital Air Fryer - Black



Insignia™ - 8 QT Digital Dual Basket Air Fryer - Black



Insignia™ - 10 QT Digital Air Fryer Oven – Stainless Steel



Insignia™ - 3.4 QT. Analog Air Fryer - Black




The Air Fryers may overheat, and handles may melt or break, posing a potential fire or burn hazard. In addition, the air fryer ovens may overheat and glass on doors may break, posing a potential fire, burn or laceration hazard. 

As of February 20, 2024, the company has received 6 reports of incidents of the handles on the air fryers melting or breaking and 1 report of incident of the glass breaking on the Air Fryer Ovens in Canada, and no reports of injuries. In the United States, the company has received 24 reports of overheating/melting or glass shattering, including six reports of air fryers catching on fire, and no reports of injuries or property damage.

What you should do

Consumers should immediately unplug and stop using the recalled products and visit for instructions on how to submit photos of the recalled unit (s) with the cut power cord, a photo of the model number and purchase receipt.

Consumers can register online at; or, by calling Best Buy Canada at 1-800-566-7498 from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday.  Information can also be accessed by going to and clicking on “Product Recalls”.

Best Buy Canada will provide a gift card equal to the full purchase price of their product if the customer has and can provide a copy of their receipt.  Customers who do not have their receipt will be entitled to a gift card in the amount of $75. 

Joint recall with Health Canada, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC) and Best Buy Canada.

Please note that the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act prohibits recalled products from being redistributed, sold, or even given away in Canada.

Health Canada would like to remind consumers to report any health or safety incidents related to the use of this product or any other consumer product or cosmetic by filling out the Consumer Product Incident Report Form.

This recall is also posted on the OECD Global Portal on Product Recalls website. You can visit this site for more information on other international consumer product recalls.

Additional information


Number Sold

The company reported that 99,903 units of the affected products were sold in Canada and 183,443 were sold in the United States.

Time Period Sold

The affected products were sold from September 2021 to November 2023.

Place of Origin

Manufactured in China

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Consumer product recall
Consumer products - Appliances


Best Buy Canada

Burnaby, BC


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Health Canada
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