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Health Canada advises Canadians about an unregistered pest control product on the market

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December 20, 2019
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Information Update
Household Items
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Health Canada
Unauthorized products
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Last updated: 2019-12-20

December 20, 2019


An unregistered pest control product identified as “Sure Killer Instant Pressurized Residual Insecticide Spray” has been found in the Canadian marketplace. The unregistered product (image below) looks identical to registered products, except that it does not have a Pest Control Products Act registration number, and the company name and contact information on the label.

What you should do

When addressing pest concerns in and around your home, buy and use only pest control products that are registered for use in Canada. Read and follow all directions on the label.

If you have purchased a product identified as “Sure Killer Instant Pressurized Residual Insecticide Spray”:

  • Confirm that it is registered by verifying that there is a Pest Control Products Act (PCPA) registration number listed on the label of the product.

If the company name, contact information and a registration number does not appear on the label:

  • Do not use the product.
  • Dispose of the product safely in accordance with your province’s and municipality's guidelines for the disposal of hazardous waste.

If you choose to purchase a pest control product to address pest concerns in or around your home, follow these important steps:  

  • Purchase pest control products that have been approved by Health Canada with a Pest Control Products Act (PCPA) registration number identified on the product label. This code has up to five digits, for example: Registration No. 12345 Pest Control Products Act.
  • Refer to Health Canada’s Pesticide Label Search to confirm the registration status of the product.
  • Always read the entire label carefully before using the product, and follow all directions including those pertaining to the areas and frequency of use.
  • Keep in mind that registered pest control products are proven to work against only the pests listed on the label.
  • Keep all pest control product containers out of the sight and reach of children and pets.
  • If you buy pesticides online, ensure that the products are registered in Canada.

What Health Canada is doing

Health Canada is advising Canadians of this unregistered pest control product and reminding them to buy and use only registered pest control products. The Department has advised companies that it found to be distributing this product to remove it from the Canadian marketplace and to dispose of the product according to provincial and municipal disposal requirements. In addition, Health Canada has advised retail associations to remind their members of the requirement to sell only registered pest control products.

In Canada, pesticides are federally regulated under the Pest Control Products Act. Health Canada conducts inspections of the marketplace and addresses non-compliant products through enforcement measures.

Pesticides imported into or sold or used in Canada must be registered by Health Canada. All registered pesticides undergo a rigorous science-based review before being approved for sale in Canada. Health Canada’s primary objective in regulating pesticides is to protect the health of Canadians and the environment.

Report a non-compliant product

Canadians are encouraged to report any non-compliant product found in the Canadian marketplace to Health Canada by contacting the Pest Management Information Service.

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