Consumer product recall

Bonify recalls 14 lots of dried cannabis products

Starting date:
December 24, 2018
Posting date:
December 24, 2018
Type of communication:
Consumer Product Recall
Recreational Cannabis
Source of recall:
Health Canada
General Public
Identification number:

Affected products

Bonify Critical Plus, Critical +, White Widow, Sensi Star, Wappa, White Berry and CBD Shark Shock dried cannabis

Product description

This recall involves fourteen lots of Bonify dried cannabis sold through two Saskatchewan retail stores and through the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries retail outlets.

Product Name Product Size Lot Number Labelling Issue
Critical + 3.5 grams and 7 grams 2018-36-007 Reversed cannabinoid values on label
Critical + 7 grams 2018-36-013A "Less than" sign should not be present next to the CBD value
Critical + 7 grams 2018-36-021 N/A*
Critical + 3.5 grams 2018-36-013 Reversed cannabinoid values on label
White Widow 3.5 grams 2018-41-017 Reversed cannabinoid values on label
White Widow 3.5 grams and 7 grams 2018-41-005 N/A*
White Widow 7 grams 2017-41-028 N/A*
Sensi Star 3.5 grams 2018-39-002 N/A*
Wappa 3.5 grams 2018-38-008 Reversed cannabinoid values on label
Wappa 3.5 grams 2017-38-017 N/A*
Wappa 3.5 grams 2018-38-002 Reversed cannabinoid values on label
White Berry 3.5 grams and 7 grams 2017-40-027 Reversed cannabinoid values on label
White Berry 3.5 grams 2018-40-012 Reversed cannabinoid values on label
CBD Shark Shock 3.5 grams 2017-44-023 N/A*

* These lots do not have a labelling issue, however they are affected by the record keeping issue.

Hazard identified

The recalled products have record keeping issues with production documents that may not meet the requirements under the Cannabis Regulations. As a result, Bonify has issued a recall as a precautionary measure.

In addition, eight of the recalled lots also have a labelling error where the cannabinoid values are reversed. The THC value should be the THC Total, and THC Total should be the THC value. The CBD value should be CBD Total and CBD Total should be the CBD value. One lot has a "less than" sign present next to the CBD value. See the table above for lot-specific details. 

To date, no complaints have been received related to the recalled lots. Neither Health Canada nor Bonify has received any adverse reports for the recalled cannabis product.

Number sold

Approximately 5,883 units of recalled product were sold.

Time period sold

The recalled product was sold between October 22, 2018 and December 20, 2018.


Recalling Firm





Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries (MBLL)




New Leaf Emporium

Moose Jaw








What you should do

Consumers should immediately stop using this product and contact the provincial retailer from whom they purchased the product.

For additional information, consumers may contact Bonify at 1-844-586-3556 or by email at

Health Canada would like to remind Canadians to report any health or safety complaints related to the use of this cannabis products or any other cannabis product by completing the online form at

Media enquiries

Health Canada

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