Consumer product recall

Black Henna Cone and Red Henna Cone

Starting date:
November 1, 2011
Posting date:
November 1, 2011
Type of communication:
Consumer Product Recall
Source of recall:
Health Canada
Product Safety
General Public (GP)
Identification number:

Affected products

Black Henna Cone and Red Henna Cone

Product description

This recall involves the Black Henna Cone and Red Henna Cone products imported by ITN Food Corporation. The product is in a shiny metallic conical shaped package and is labelled 'Black Henna Cone' or 'Red Henna Cone.'

Hazard identified

The recalled products contain phenol as well as other phenolic compounds which are prohibited hotlist ingredients. Phenolic compounds are known as skin sensitizers and can produce chemical burns (corrosive action) to the skin.

Health Canada has received one reported incident related to the use of this product.

Number sold

Approximately 1,104 of the Black Henna Cones and 1,272 of the Red Henna Cones were sold at various ethnic stores in Ontario and Quebec.

Time period sold

The recalled products were sold from December 2010 to May 2011 at various ethnic stores in Ontario and Quebec.

Place of origin

Manufactured in Pakistan.



ITN Food Corporation





Al Shaikh Enterprises, 220/4 Ourangabad, Nazimabad



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What you should do

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled product and dispose of the product.

For more information, consumers may contact ITN Food Corporation for any questions or concerns by phone at 1-416-321-2052 or by e-mail or by mail at the following address:

ITN Food Corporation
40 Commander Blvd
Toronto, ON M1S 3S2
Fax : 1-416-321-2063